Sunday, 1 June 2014

HELP for HEROES 'Ultramarines' Charity Build

A plug for a great cause and a great guy.

The latest 'Help for Heroes' community project is Ultramarines.

I'm hoping this does even better than last years Salamanders.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Arcane Factories - Christina Unboxing

Below is my first (and probably last) unboxing video.

It has been a long time since I created a video, so apologies for the shaky cam and really bad editing.

This is a review of one of the new miniature releases by Arcane Factories - Christina.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Where do you find the time?

I don’t know what it is about me and this blog, but I only seem to get time to update when I am in work away from my family and all my hobby stuff.

When I started back into 40k I had originally set up a YouTube channel to show my progress, whilst requesting advice on hurdles along the way. This proved to be both a positive and negative influence on my hobby.
At the start I would sit with the videos in the background whilst doing my hobbying. I then put up a video showing progress and getting feedback on what to improve. A few videos later I found what little amount of hobby time I had available was taken up trying to get to grips with video editing and YouTube, that and my upcoming wedding meant my hobby and video updates fizzled to next to nothing.

After the wedding the hobbying picked up again, with the consent of my now wife of course, but the prospect of doing videos to show progress was no longer appealing.
Don’t get me wrong, YouTube is a great source of inspiration and advice for any hobbyist, and, I still love the community that has built up and I still contribute with comments / feedback as often as I can, but whether I put up another video is another matter.

Along came Blogger…..

The idea behind this blog was to still provide the outlet for me to show off and request help / advice, which you will see at the end, whilst also not taking up anywhere near as much time as video editing.
With it being a blog I could also post when at work, another bonus, because I work offshore the network does not allow access to YouTube.

As you can see from the dates / locations of the post, recently I only seem to find time to post when offshore. Maybe it’s not the time, but more the inclination to, or maybe I only think about updating when I have less on my to do list.

So … if you have stuck it this far, well done … even I nearly didn’t make it and I would like to ask how you all do it?

How do you find the time to live life, hobby and blog?

Do you have any tips on maintaining a regular posting schedule?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Keep Hobbying

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Stormchicken Anyone?

White Scars WIP Stormtalon
Ok, I know it's been a while, but any updates are going to be sporadic and few and far between for a period of time, .... what can I say, life found a way.

Apart from working and family life I have been slowly working my way through my White Scars and playing more games against an ever growing number of different armies / people. I will admit that I have recently hit a wall with 40k and am sick of painting Space Marines.

This got me looking more and more at different armies and games on the Dakka Dakka forums. I was originally thinking of going back to my Tau and freshening up my army a bit as a change, but then I remembered the imminent 6th ed release. Add that to the rumours around the yearly GeeDub price increase was also imminent my inner Eric Cartmen came out with, "screw you guys, I'm going home", and I hit the forums again.

I have been engrossed, as I'm sure a few others have been, about the new Dropzone Commander game from Hawk, but all the teasers and waiting has kinda quenched my enthusiasm.
So last Thursday I popped into my friendly, but not really local, independent gaming store to pick up more white paint and started browsing at all the other gaming systems.
Eventually I came across Malifaux and, oh my jebus, instantly fell in love with the minis. I spent about 40 minutes looking through all the starter boxes, taking out the ones that grabbed my attention. By the time I got to the till, I had four starter boxes, two fate decks and the rule book in my mits.

Just as I'm paying I noticed an opened delivery box behind the counter with a Stormtalon poking out. A few enquiries later, and assuring the guy I didn't work for GeeDub, one was added to my growing list of goodies (I even remembered the white paint).

I like it more in person than from the WD pics
As you can see my Stormchicken is almost finished, I have a few details and touch ups to do plus the weapons. This is where I have a problem.

I don't know what weapon load out to have, and i like having magnetized options, so untill I come up with a way of doing this with the parts from the box or buy others from a bits seller, this is how it will look.
Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to overcome this.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Weekend Blues

I can't wait for the weekend to begin.... Oh wait ... it's over.

What about my weekend progress update, I've got none because I am still stuck in work, stuck on nights and just feeling generally ...... stuck.

When I say no progress, that isn't entirely true. Whilst I have not been able to do any modeling or painting, I have had a lot more opportunities to read through the blogs that other 40k users are putting out and have got a great deal of ideas and tips.
The feeling of having a goal is only adding to the excitement of getting back onshore and going home. Obviously I’m exciting about getting back to see the family, but you guys and gals will know what I mean.

I have also managed to get some reading done from Black Library.
I managed to finish the first Gaunts Ghosts omnibus, The Founding, I have read Horus Rising and have just started Battle of the Fang.
The Gaunts Ghost omnibus was good, and Horus Rising was really good so I will be picking up the next books in the series (wow, you can tell I put alot of thought into them reviews).
I will give Battle of the Fang a fair go even if my opinion of the Space Marine Battle Novels has been tainted by Hunt For Voldorious (obviously I was going to start there).

Who'd of thought I would like the IG and Raven Guard more

I will be getting onshore on Wednesday and will head into the Games Workshop store in Aberdeen to pick up a few supplies and do some modelling whilst I’m there. After a quick nap and not so quick drive home I’ll take some progress pics of where my army is up to at the minute, and maybe of a new White Scars Unit that I plan to start in the Aberdeen GW.

Great store, friendly staff and a good gaimng space upstairs.
I hope your weekend was more eventful than mine and why not let me know about your hobby progress over the weekend.